Inclement Weather Policy

We have approximately 50% of our students from each Towns and Clay Counties.  As a result, we follow both school schedules for delays/cancellations.  This means that if either cancels, we are out also.  If either delays, we will be on a delay.  Please listen to WKRK, look at our website or facebook page, or sign up for text alerts to stay informed.  

In the case of a 2 hour delay, students can be dropped off at 9:45am and are tardy after 10am.  Staff should report at 9:30am.  

Make up days will be determined based on the percentage of students who complete their daily goals while out of school.  We make every effort to send home student goals and PACEs in anticipation of an approaching weather system.  Students are expected to complete assigned goals as if they were present at school.

Inclement Weather Message:  Normal Operating Schedule

                 2016-2017 Eastgate Life Academy School Calendar

                    August 10-12, 2016                Pre-Planning

                    August 12, 2016                     Parent Orientation 7PM  

                    August 15, 2016                     1st Day of School (HALF DAY, Release 11:30am)


                    Sept. 5, 2016                          Labor Day Holiday

                    Sept. 6-8, 2016                       IOWA Testing (make-up from 2016: 3rd, 6th, 9th)

                    October 6, 2016                      End of 1st 9 weeks (HALF DAY, Release 11:30am)

                    October 7-10, 2016                 Fall Break

                    October 13, 2016                    1st 9 Weeks Report Cards

                    November 3, 2016                  HALF DAY, Release 11:30am

                    November 4, 2016                  Mandatory Teacher Training

                    November 14-17, 2016           Carolinas Junior Convention (possible attendance)

                    November 18-27, 2016           Thanksgiving Holidays

                    December 15, 2016                End of 2nd 9 Weeks

                    December 16-Jan 2, 2017      Christmas Holidays

                    January 3, 2017                      Students Return

                    January 5, 2017                      2nd 9 Weeks Report Cards

                    January 16, 2017                  Martin Luther King Day (Possible Snow Make-Up Day)

                    February 20, 2017                President's Day Holiday (Possible Snow Make-Up Day)

                    March 9, 2017                        End of the 3rd 9 Weeks

                    March 16, 2017                      3rd 9 Weeks Report Cards

                    March 27-31, 2017                 Regional Student Convention

                    April 6, 2017                           Early Release, 11:30am

                    April 7-16, 2017                      Spring Break

                    April 24-27, 2017                    IOWA Test of Basic Skills (2nd, 5th, 8th)

                    May 18, 2017                         Last Day of School

                    May 18, 2017                         Graduation/Honors Day


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